Monday, January 25, 2016

Climate Disruption as the "Unforgivable Sin": Climate Stew Podcast

In this podcast of Climate Stew, host Peterson Toscano and I talk about what passages in the Bible have particular relevance for climate issues.   

Peterson Toscano, host of Climate Stew podcast
Referencing my book, Creation-Crisis Preaching: Ecology, Theology, and the Pulpit (Chalice Press, 2015), I talk about climate disruption as the "unforgivable sin" (Matthew 12:30-32), and creative ways to engage science and faith in preaching. 

I also describe preaching as nonhuman characters in the biblical stories - as Earth, then as Water, then as Ruah (Air/Spirit) - helping listeners to think of their relationship to God's Creation in a personal way that also connects to public issues of clean water, clean air and public health.

In addition to the podcast, the web page has links to the "Ruah" sermon, the Creation-Crisis Preaching website, and other great resources for helping folks think and talk about the need to address climate change as a faith issue.

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