Thursday, April 6, 2017

EcoPreacher is now on!

I am thrilled to announce that has brought me on as a blogger on their Progressive Christian channel:!  

After five years of having my blog on this site, I will now be a genuine professional blogger writing for one of the most cutting-edge theological websites online.

What is Patheos?  As explained on their “About” page, “Founded in 2008, is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world's beliefs. Patheos is the website of choice for the millions of people looking for credible and balanced information about religion. Patheos brings together faith communities, academics, and the broader public into a single environment, and is the place where many people turn on a regular basis for insight, inspiration, and stimulating discussion. Patheos is unlike any other religious and spiritual site on the Web today.”

If you’re wondering what Patheos means, it’s a fusion of two words: path and theos (the Greek word for God).  So this is a website that illuminates and explores different paths to God, however you understand the Divine, and whatever path(s) you choose to meander.  Within that framework, EcoPreacher will be following an environmental justice path within the Progressive Christian quadrant of the faith conversation. 

If you've been following me on this site - thank you for your support!  Please click on over to and follow me there.  And invite your friends!  Just as before, you’ll be seeing some hard-hitting pieces connecting the dots between religion, environmental issues and what’s happening on the national and global level in terms of politics, culture, and current events.  As you know, I’m very interested in the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, socio-economics, health, and community within the realm of religion and the environment.  I’ll also be drawing on my recent research looking at the juncture of politics and the pulpit through a survey I conducted of over 1200 Mainline Protestant clergy.  If you’re looking for a “green lens” for reading scripture and the news, and for viewing the state of the church today, EcoPreacher is your blog!

There will also be pieces focusing on practices of hope, resilience, and creative inspiration for facing the daunting environmental challenges in our world.  Many of these pieces will be adaptations of sermons that honestly name the “bad news” facing the Earth community (what I call the “eco-crucifixion”), while also proclaiming the Good News of what God is doing to effect what I call the “eco-resurrection.”

As I work on migrating the content over from this blog, there may be some gaps in seeing archived material.  But I'll be diligently working on the transfer over the next couple weeks.

Again, thank you for visiting this blog site and reading the final post here.  I'll look forward to seeing you on to continue the conversation about Earth, faith, politics and God!

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