Sunday, July 24, 2016

Labyrinth – Meditation on a Field Before Baling

An Ecotheological Poem 
by Leah D. Schade
(All photos by Leah D. Schade)

I passed the freshly mown hay field
to look from afar with dry gravel safely under my feet.

the way between the windrows
I stepped into the dew-bathed grass,
my feet baptized by morning droplets.

The crows called from the tree,
 and when I looked back,
what I had not seen
was revealed.

The farmer could not have known
that he had created
a labyrinth –

sacred space in which I could walk
into my interiority
within the great expanse of this field
under dawn’s moon.
Long strands of grass brushed my feet
like the fragrant hair of the woman anointing the Teacher.
Who am I to receive such extravagance?
my Pharisee demands.
But I follow the Teacher’s lead and
lean down to thread my fingers through her hair
bringing her sweet scent to my nose
and breathing deeply.

on the gravel path,
the itchy tickle on my leg reveals a tress of green
still clinging.
Did Jesus discover entwined to the hairs of his leg
one wisp still
the decadent aroma of sin

Questions to consider:  
When has Creation graced you with a gift beyond measure?
What is the sacramental nature of the other-than-human world?
How does the Divine work through nature to communicate something important to you?

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