Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Eco Ecclesia - Interview with The Rev. Dr. Leah Schade

Dale Lature is a video blogger with a passion for connecting ecology and the Church.  He is among a growing number of individuals who recognizes that environmental issues need to be addressed at the most fundamental levels of religion - in our theology, worship, preaching, education and advocacy.  In this new series, Eco Ecclesia, he conducts in-depth interviews with others doing this kind of work, and I am proud to be featured in his second episode.


Dale notes that "the climate crisis is screaming for attention from churches," but observes that most denominations have very few resources available for congregants and only address the issue sporadically. "I'm not satisfied with an article every two to three months," he says.  "That doesn't say crisis to me."  He also recognizes that for those outside the church, the reluctance of the church to address ecological issues is "seen as yet another glaring omission in the church's life and work."

He asks some important questions:  Why is this so hard to talk about?  How can we not tell this story?  Over a period of about a year and a half, Dale and I have engaged in Skype conversations about these very questions which he has edited into this video.  While it is on the longish side, we tackle these questions with forthrightness and hope.

Here is a breakdown of the segments:

Dale's introduction and my background through minute mark 12:00

Discussing the term "eco-crucifixion" - 12:00 - 19:00

Ecofeminism - 19:00 - 24:00

Climate crisis as "blaspheming the Holy Spirit" - 24:00 - 28:00

Stages of "climate grief" - 28:00 - 32:00

Tower of Babel and capitalism - 32:00 - 37:00

Signs of hope, connection and community - 37:00 - 40:00

Dale's conclusion:  40:00 - 44:00


  1. Leah, Thank you for this review and outline! Dale and you really hit all of the right notes in this interview. I enjoy your book and I look forward to Dale's next episode in this series. Terry

  2. Thanks for you comment, Terry! Yes, Dale is definitely on the right track! And thank you for reading my book! All the best, Leah


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