Friday, March 1, 2013

Book Review: Fracking Pennsylvania by Walter Brasch

Reviewed by: The Rev. Leah Schade

As an anti-fracking activist, one of the most important things I've learned in this work is how necessary it is for us to be connected and know about each other's work, experiences, and information.  Walter Brasch has made a valuable contribution to that effort.  If I were teaching a course on environmental ethics, Brasch’s books would be on the reading list.  
Industry supporters who are derisive toward those of us who raise concerns about the safety of fracking will often repeat lines such as, "Bring your facts to the table.  Stop fear-mongering.  Base your arguments on scientific facts."  Thanks to Brasch, we can do just that.  His book is replete with facts, figures, dates, and exact quotes (all meticulously footnoted) from industry and government officials on fracking.  It is all woven together in a cohesive way that takes the reader through the complexities of issues surrounding shale gas drilling. If you are not alarmed and fearful while reading Brasch's book, you are not sufficiently engaging its content.

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